Eliminating Medical Debt to Build Trust

November 30, 2023 | 3-4pm ET

As the US emerges from the shadows of a global health crisis, stories of patients, overwhelmed by mounting medical bills, have become all too common. Many of these stories not only reflect the financial strain experienced by countless families, but also serve as a poignant indicator of an overarching crisis – the erosion of trust across the health care system. An unwelcome companion to illness, medical debt adds layers of stress, uncertainty, and harm to patients’ journeys.

This conversation will shed light on the intricate web of medical debt’s impact on patient trust and address tangible actions that participants can undertake to address the burden of medical debt.


Richard J. Baron, MD
American Board of Internal Medicine & ABIM Foundation



Noam Levey
KFF Health News


Ruth Landé
RIP Medical Debt

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