.@VMFHealth is #BuildingTrust with health care teams by following the core attributes of respect: teamwork, trust, communication, continuous learning, and a shared focus on patient safety. https://buildingtrust.org/2021/10/respect-builds-trust-within-the-health-care-environment/

TOMORROW: Learn how the @CostsofCare Patient Affordability Framework makes #healthcare more affordable for patients while also helping them avoid financial harm. Register today: https://buildingtrust.org/2021/09/learning-network-webinar-reshma-gupta-md-mshpm/ @familyreach @ReshmaGuptaMD @SL_Wallingford

💻Oct. 19 at 4pm ET - Our #BuildingTrust Learning Network webinar will focus how the Patient Affordability Framework helps provide harm-free and affordable care to patients. REGISTER: https://buildingtrust.org/2021/09/learning-network-webinar-reshma-gupta-md-mshpm/

Join us Oct. 19 at 4pm ET - @ReshmaGuptaMD @SL_Wallingford & Renee Firato talk through Patient Affordability Framework & making #healthcare more affordable for patients during @ABIMFoundation’s #BuildingTrust webinar. Register now to join the conversation: https://buildingtrust.org/2021/09/learning-network-webinar-reshma-gupta-md-mshpm/

In this month’s #BuildingTrust newsletter:
🧑‍🎓Enhancing Education & Eliminating Bias @UMMCnews @MRHC1
⭐️Patient Advisory Committee Spotlight
📽️ Trust Conversation Highlights
and more… https://view.mail.abimfoundation.org/?qs=8e3a87008d07d97c88f35ea4be8df2e5276aabb984a40928b35e3000f2edea92945053acd09d7e472f2aaa6918563479a9de4f0023ec3656e5e6f6097d2c03764e88e45255c06975

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