Trust is essential to strengthening relationships and achieving better outcomes in health care. That is why the ABIM Foundation has launched a national effort to highlight exemplary practices and stories from health care professionals, groups and organizations like yours that show how to enhance trust in the delivery of health care across the country.


Building trust can enhance medical professionalism and improve patient care across all health care organizations. Share your trust-building practices to help spread innovative ideas and identify additional opportunities for improvement.

How it Works

Five Simple Guidelines for Your Organization

Building Trust participants are organized by health care sector. Each sector is invited to gather, review and select exemplar practices for trust-building within their area. An organization within a sector may submit as many practices as preferred. These exemplars can involve different relationships, including between patients and physicians, organizations and patients, clinicians and organizations or clinician and clinician.

Before downloading the submission form and sending your trust practice, use the following guidelines to develop a process for identifying exemplary trust practices. We will review the submitted practices to ensure they meet the intent of the initiative.

  1. Explain the Problem

    Highlight where mistrust arises by defining the specific problem or challenge that your BUILDING TRUST submission addresses.

  2. Describe the trust practice

    Describe the specific trust-building practice you’ve developed and explain how it promoted trust and resolved a problem beyond improving daily operations.

  3. Define success

    Explain why you believe the practice has succeeded.

  4. Demonstrate scalability

    Describe how the practice has been (or could be) replicated and how it might be scaled.

  5. Focus on your sector

    Submit practices focused exclusively on your own organization or sector’s efforts to improve trust.